Mst.Sharifa Khatun

মোছাঃ শরিফা খাতুন


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Courses Taken: ME-4221 -Machine Tool, ME-4222-Machine Tool Sessional, ME-2204 Engineering Mechanics Sessional, ME-2207-Measurement, Quality Control, and materials handling, ME-2161-Engineering Mechanics, ME-2267-Solid Mechanics, ME-2268- Solid Mechanics Sessional, ME-2156-Manufacturing Process Sessional
Field of Research
  •  Alternative Fuels
  •  Energy Technology
  •  Waste Energy and Utilization

  •  First Joined:
  •      Dept. of Mechanical Engineering



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Journal Articles
Conference Papers
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1 Mehadi Hassan, Muzaffer Hossain, Md. Kaviul Islam, Mst. Sharifa Khatun, Performance analysis of GE LM6000PC gas turbine based on Bangladeshi context; approach to increase the offline water wash cycle interval AIP Conference Proceedings 2021 Journal
2 Md. Kaviul Islam, Mst. Sharifa Khatun, Arman Arefin, Mohammad Rofiqul Islam,Mehadi Hassan Waste to energy: An experimental study of utilizing the agricultural residue,MSW, and e-waste available in Bangladesh for pyrolysis conversion Heliyon,Elsevier,Vol.7,no. May,p.e08530,2021 2021 Journal
3 Mehadi Hassan, Md. Kaviul Islam, M.W. Sajib, Mst. Sharifa Khatun Embodied Energy Calculation of Small-Scale Biogas Plants in Rural Areas of Bangladesh Proceedings of International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy (ICMERE 2019) 2019 Conference
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