Event Details

Team RUETopia secured 5th position at IUPC:RUET CSE FEST 2K22

Team RUETopia secured 5th position at IUPC: RUET CSE FEST 2K22. A big congratulations to them.  A total of seven teams participated in this event of IUPC where  RUET_Nei_Kaj_To_Khoi_Vaj, RUET_sSs,  RUET_Team_Seven,  RUET_Troopers, RUET_Persistent_Trio, and  RUET_ManiAC secured 24th, 28th, 44th, 54th, 56th, and 66th position respectively.

You can find the full standing here: https://algo.codemarshal.org/contests/ruet-2022/standings