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Second Place in Poster Presentation category at BUILTECH FEST 4.0 organized by Department of BECM, KUET

Title: Automated HVAC system in a building.


Automated HVAC system is automated Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning system which will allow the building to keep a comfortable environment for human by automated system. This system initially costs some but overall it will be a great energy saving procedure to the whole world. We want to start this facility in Bangladesh as our country has a great demand of mechanical cooling and it costs a lot of energy which we can not afford on the basis of our energy production. In this poster we have shown how we can set up this automated system from initial stage to final.

Team members:

  1. Md Istiaque Haque'17 series, Department of Architecture, RUET.
  2. Muntasir Rubayet'17 series, Department of BECM, RUET.