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ArchRUET student won "Bronze Medal" in "Moscow Flower Show 2020" in collaboration with ArchKU students

Team Name: Chomotkar


To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow – Audrey Hepburn.But tomorrow is far away when lives are at stake. “The green waves” can drag that tomorrow closer by fighting against river erosion, a threat to tropical riverside lands. This garden will be the protector by standing beside the river bank. Water hyacinth, a free floating perennial aquatic plant (hydrophyte) native to tropical areas, is using here as the major device to immobilize giant waves that stimulate river erosion.

The design idea is generated from “Water lily”- the national flower of Bangladesh. Abstraction of Water Lily pads are used as the floating platforms of garden providing boat riding facilities for the visitors.Local modern materials like wood, bamboos, aluminum bar are used for the structure. Uses of rare tropical seasonal plants are created a mesmerizing environment working in the foreground of water hyacinth. These plant need low management that is highly benefited for any kind of economic condition. One of the fastest-growing plants, water hyacinth contains a huge space in water surface that blocks terrific waves and saves river bank as well as thousand lives from horrific river erosion.

Team Members:

  1. Sheikh Sakib Rahman, Architecture Discipline, KU
  2. Mijanur Rahman, Architecture Discipline, KU
  3. Tousif Ur Rahman, Architecture Discipline, KU
  4. Afifa Aduri, Department of Architecture, RUET
  5. Shahnaz Parvin Eva, Architecture Discipline, KU