Undergraduate Research

The quality of research defines the standard and potentiality of any institution. The aim of Engineers is to do something energy efficient, economical and environmentally friendly through their research work for the betterment of the world. Every year 120 students get admitted to the department of Mechanical Engineering under the four year duration bachelor degree program. During the course work, department encourage the students to take part in different research activities at home and abroad. In this very way, the department stimulates their thirst for knowledge and develops their knowledge to cope up with modern world. The department also facilitates the students to celebrating and disseminating the research results and achievements through their participation in the research exhibition and events. To accommodate the undergraduate research, a course titled, ‘Project & Thesis’ has been included in the 7th semester and extended to 8th semester. Students contribute their knowledge and skills in this course in a creative and innovative manner under supervision of faculty members. Students can roam through different branches of Mechanical Engineering, learn how to do research uniquely and fulfill their cherished dream to do something better for future by engaging their comprehensive skills. This research work also enables them to have knowledge about research methodology, report writing, referencing, seminar presentations, plagiarism and how to present a journal and conference article from the part of their research work.