Thermal Engineering Lab


Thermal Engineering Lab is one of the five core laboratories in Mechanical Engineering Department. Advanced facilities have been developed for theoretical and applied thermodynamics and heat transfer for both undergraduate and post graduate students in this lab. The undergraduate and post graduate students come to this lab for learning application of thermodynamics. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Rafiqul Alam Beg, Prof. Dr. Nirendra Nath Mustafi, Dr. Md. Rabiul Islam and Mr. SM Najmul Hoque with other faculty members conduct analytical, computational and experimental postgraduate research on a wide range of problems involving thermodynamics, and heat and mass transfer those are of fundamental and practical importance.

Current research topics in this laboratory include:

  •  Combustion and emission control in IC engines
  •  Thermo chemical process for alternative fuel production
  •  Production of bio-diesel and their application in IC engines
  •  Liquid atomization and sprays
  •  Conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer
  •  Solar energy collection and conversion
  •  Numerical methods development and heat transfer aspects