Testing and Consultancy


Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) was established in 1964 as a centre of excellence for the Northern part of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a developing country and its rate of urbanization, industrialization and consequently transportation facilities are growing rapidly. Government, Non-government, Autonomous bodies as well as Private parties are involved actively in such development activities. However, in all of these development works can never be thought without the use of engineering materials, machines and tools/equipments. In most cases it is necessary to testing the quality of these materials (PVC/steel pipes, MS rod, flat bar, sheet etc.) and the performance of such machines, pumps and engines. A very few numbers of institutions (BUET/RUET/KUET/CUET) in Bangladesh have developed appropriate facilities (Lab. and manpower) for testing these materials and machines/equipments. Being the only institution in the northern part of Bangladesh the department of Mechanical Engineering at RUET has been providing such services to public and private sectors and NGOs for a good number of years. The Department receives orders from different organizations/institutions in the Northern part of Bangladesh, which otherwise have to be taken to BUET/CUET/KUET. This usually results in waste of both time and money. Thus, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, RUET is providing these additional services for the nation as a centre of excellence in addition to its main business.


In order to achieve excellence in the field of Engineering and Technology for the benefit of the country the Consultancy, Research and Testing Works (CRTW) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of RUET undertakes research, testing and consultation service as entrusted to them by the Government, Non-government, Autonomous bodies and Private parties. Some of the specific objectives of the Consultancy, Research and Testing Works (CRTW) of the Department are as follows:

  • To stimulate engineering research in the Department.
  • To engage the equipment of the Department for optimum utilization.
  • To develop close relationship with other organizations/institutions and industries.
  • To broaden and update professional capabilities of teachers and staff members through solving practical problems.
  • To provide expert technical services to the government and other organizations.
  • To render expertise knowledge for solving local and national problems.
  • To engage the teachers to participate in the academic/training programs of other universities/institutions.
  • To provide RUET laboratory facilities to other Universities/organizations for practical/training classes of their students/trainer, while it is deemed necessary.