Dr. Md. Nurul Islam

Professor , Head of ME

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Joined: 10 September, 2001

Major Field of Specialization: 

Mechanical Engineering (Material Engineering)


Areas of Research Interest :

Nondestructive evaluation of fatigue life: Nuclear power plant material, Bridge Structure for traffic loading, earthquake loading, Aerospace material (Stainless steel and Aluminum alloys).

Ultrasonic Evaluation:Using SAM, SEM, AFM and high magnification optical microscope.


Evaluation of Ferroelastic Behavior of La-Based Pervoskite such as LaAlO3, LaFeO3, LaGaO3 

Evaluation of Ferroelastic Behavior of Porous LSCF


B.Sc Engineering from Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT), Rajshahi, 2000

M.Sc. Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), BANGLADESH, 2002 and Saitama University, JAPAN, 2007.

PhD. from Saitama University, JAPAN, 2010

Postdoctoral Researcher

Saitama University, Japan, From November, 2015 to November, 2017. 



M.N.Islama W.ArakibY.Araib "Mechanical behavior of ferroelastic porous La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3−δ prepared with different pore formers" Ceramics International,

Volume 43, Issue 17, 1 December 2017, Pages 14989-14995


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Islam M.N., Arai. Y,  Araki. W., “Initiation of Fatigue Crack Growth in Austenitic Stainless Steel  Detected by Ultrasound: Role of In-plane Orientation”  Material Science and Engineering, A  Vol 556 pp. 309-318, July ( 2012).


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Post Joining Date
Professor 10 September, 2001