Computer Center, ME, RUET


As the modern technological development largely depends upon computers, one should have good command on it. Now a days, the use of computers are not limited in science and engineering education but are extensively used in defense, business, medical science and many other sectors. The knowledge on computer helps the student to perceive the widespread world of information. Students can learn about various subject related software’s which will definitely help to promote technological development through research and other extra-curricular activities. Meantime, they can conduct various subject related projects based on their software knowledge and experience which may contribute to the field of modern technology.

To keep pace with the technological advancement, Department of Mechanical Engineering launched a modern computer center. This computer center is one of the best computer centers in the RUET campus and is financially supported by HEQEP (CP 3615). It is situated in the 1st floor of the Departmental building. It is fully air-conditioned and flourished with all modern facilities including internet services. It is also well decorated with multimedia facilities and newly bought furniture. This computer center incorporates many essential and useful features in itself. There are 60 highly configured modern computers in the lab and they have the recent versions of software including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ANSYS, ComsolMultiphysics, CodeBlock, C, C++ etc.

Establishing a computer center in Department of Mechanical engineering is a great step taken by the authorities towards advanced research and technological development.