About Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering concerns regarding forces, motion, the principles of energy, materials and mechanics to design and manufacture machines, mechanisms and engines as well as the creation of processes and systems that drive technology and industry. Mechanical Engineers are good at designing, especially complex items like racing cars and yachts, robots, sawmills, airplanes etc. The foundation of Mechanical Engineering is based on mechanics, energy, mathematics, engineering sciences, design and manufacturing. Mechanical Engineering also involves the efficient use of energy in processes such as heating system for hospitals or refrigeration plants for food HVAC systems. The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Here, the students(over 600 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate) get the opportunity to pursue an exceptional, high level education under highly qualified faculty members and gets real life hands-on skills. We provide a diverse and active community for research at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and we are proud of our strong international reputation for the level of our research outputs. Our research activities broadly concern renewable energy systems such asSustainable Energy, solar energy systems, pyrolysis technology, alternative fuels, biomass gasification systems; mechanics of materials, mechatronics, IC engines, etc. and more – please consult with the faculty profiles in our web site for details.

Welcome to the Department – we look forward to you joining or engaging with us, whether this be as a teacher, as a student, a researcher or an industrial collaborator.